Live broadcast, July 21 news the US team will hold the World Cup training camp in Las Vegas on August 3. At that time, a selection team will be formed to train with the members of the 12th National People’s Congress list of the World Cup.

According to the famous record Woj, kangningham, the 2021th champion of the piston, is a member of the selection team. He has fully recovered from the tibial surgery in December. Corning Ham was invited to join the US World Cup list, but he refused on the grounds of preparing for the new season.

Another famous Shams said that the current players in the selection team include Homer Glenn of Thunder, Jay Williams, Jay Green of rocket, and Keegan Murray of King, this selection team will be directed by Magic coach Mosley. The selection team members can not only train, but also be qualified to go to the Philippines with the team. If someone is injured before the World Cup starts, the selection team members can replace them. The US men’s basketball has not officially announced the selection list, which will include up to 12 players.

The 12th National People’s Congress list of the men’s basketball World Cup in the United States: bankelo (magic), Mical bridges (basketable nets), Brunson (Knicks), Anthony Edward (Timberwolves), Halliburton (Pacers), josh Hart (Knicks), Brandon Ingram (Pelican), little Jaron Jackson (Grizzly Bear), Cameron Johnson (basketable nets), Kessler (jazz), Portis (Bucks), reeves (Lakers).

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