Live broadcast, July 21 according to the report of media inspector Zhao ball ring, Wang Junjie reported to the University of San Francisco school team today, and he will wear the 35th in the new season.

After finishing this year’s endurance competition, Wang Junjie went to Europe to represent China’s U19 men’s basketball to play the U19 World Cup, and played a very good performance. His elegant backward shooting and good ball-holding attack, it reminds people of the “four-character foreign aid” of that year “. However, in the match with the US team, Wang Junjie was pushed down by his opponent’s dirty action during the dunk, resulting in foot injury, which ended the U19 journey ahead of schedule.

A month after the injury, he seems to have recovered now. Come on in the new season, young man @ I am not Wang Junjie. I am optimistic about you!# Wang Junjie## China men’s basketball#

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