Live broadcast on July 21, before that, media person @ Shao huaqian said that after the end of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Li Yuelu would go to the Turkish League to fight.

Today, Su Qun, a basketball commentator, revealed the reason why Li Yuelu went to Turkey in the public account.

The original text is as follows:

With Xiao Bao’s position and personal ability in the national team, he belongs to the head player in WCBA. He can get more than 1 million salary when he returns to Guangdong, plus winning bonus, and there is no problem until 2 million. But Xiao Bao wants to go to a challenging league and prove himself.

She promised to be called to fight for the country, participate in the Olympic Games, and also represent the Guangdong team in the National Games. But she continued to play in WCBA, and she felt that there was no challenge. Xiao Bao said, “I am very grateful to the new century boss and Inner Mongolia team for their vigorous training. They have paid a lot for me over the years, and I am especially grateful to them for their strong support for my dream pursuit. However, the high price of domestic clubs is nothing more than a pile of excellent players. It is also a brand-new life to eat something different from another place, haha.”

Therefore, Xiao Bao decided to go to Turkey after playing the Asian Games in October.

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