Live broadcast, July 21 news recently, Richard Jefferson, a former NBA player and current commentator, talked about Wen banyama in the “Road Trippin” program.

Jefferson said: “I’m glad Bobo can continue to coach. If Wen banama can succeed, then he has the best environment in Spurs. Bobo is a master who slowly builds a star. He will not immediately make you a player with an average of 20 points in the game. He will make you focus on defense.

“Bobo probably told Wen banyama that he didn’t care about his score, but how many rebounds and cap he could have. This is the same as what he did to Ke Huai (Leonard). Ke Huai was a defender when he first came out, and Bobo gradually made Ke Huai a core player. But kehuai is only the 14th ranking. He is not the top 5 ranking. He has graduated. Bobo will teach people to learn basic skills well and finish English classes, Spanish classes and science classes. Today he will let you focus on math classes.”

作者 夜上海


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