Live Bar, July 21 -lone Ranger Grant Williams recently visited Pinson’s podcasting program, during which he talked about the famous scene that he was not punished at the last moment of last season’s match with Knights.

Gowei told Mitchell that he would take two penalties, and the result was two penalties. When the game was dragged into the plus, the Celtics lost during the Plus.

In this regard, Ge Wei recalled: “I remember the first free throw hit the back of the basket, or it was short. I thought OK, I just need to adjust it.

“But the second ball came out after a round. I felt like a fool. But I feel that the interval between the two free throws is too long, almost two minutes, because Michelle talked to me and Garland came along.

“Before the free throw, I thought that this was just a free throw. In the previous season, my free throw hit rate was 90%, and last season it was over 80%, but I lost both penalties. I remember that I lost 6 free throws in the game after that, and then we lost in that game. I still remember Tony Brotherton (referee) told me, ‘Don’t blame me! ‘”

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